Empowering Your Users

Users can control their Inbox

If you reached this page, you probably tried to send email to a MagicMail server, and it was blocked. Not all mail servers are as flexible as MagicMail, but it is important to understand.

The End User has the right to what goes in their inbox!

MagicMail allows the user more control. And study after study has shown that giving the users more control reduces call complaints, and increase customer loyalty. And this is very important when it comes to email. Users want efficient email systems. MagicMail allows the user to block messages before they enter the mail server.

  • Users can reject IP Addresses
  • Users can reject by email address
  • Users can reject by country
  • Users can reject servers by reputation
  • Users can reject email marketing companies
  • Users can reject everyone, except for their whitelist

If you received this message, it is probably because the user does not want messages from you. Now, of course.. mistakes can happen. Maybe the person you tried to send to accidentally was overzealous. Or maybe it may be a problem with YOUR email provider.

But I REALLY want to email them..

Well, simple. If you know them, ask them to “whitelist” your address, it will get through then. Or, if you don’t know them, maybe that is why they are blocking you 🙂

I think I am being blocked by mistake?

Well, if you read this far, you are trying hard, so maybe it might be a mistake. So, we can let you in on a little secret. The error message you received is worded slightly different when you are blocked for different reasons. All messages will have a line that starts with:

“This user/server will not accept messages from..”

The rest of the message will give you the reason.

  • “… from you” – Means Uh Oh! They really don’t like you
  • “… from your server” – Better ask YOUR email provider, they have a bad mail server.
  • “… from your area” – This user doesn’t expect or know anyone in your country
  • “… from you location” – Better ask YOUR email provider. Maybe they were a bad boy in the past and let Spam or Email marketing slip out of their email servers or networks. Or if YOUR email provider is using MagicMail, then you may not have your email client set up correctly. Are you using SMTP authentication so your ISP knows that you are a customer, and does not block you?

Remember, the user gets the right to choose what they receive, and this trumps your right to send messages to them. If you would like this power, ask your email provider why they aren’t using MagicMail.