The spamauditor.org blog aims to be a discussion and information nexus which will add to the anti-spam community.

Our intention is to be the source you look to when you need up to date news and ideas on how to deal with upcoming spam trends. You will see a spam expert’s perspective and reaction to what’s happening in the world of spam as well as the community’s own input. This blog is not intended to replace other mailing lists or forums but add to the community as a whole.

Like some of the other informational blogs, we have decided to restrict the ability to comment on posts for the initial launch period. This will help establish the blog’s voice. We plan to work hard and keep all information relevant. If you have any comments or suggestions please contact us at: admin@spamauditor.org

If you are in the industry working at stopping spam, and want to talk about your ‘from the front-line’ war stories we would love to have your voice on this blog as well. Please tell us about yourself, in what capacity you are involved in spam protection, and you too can be one of the ‘spamauditor’ bloggers. Please remember, all posts should be information that would be of interest to the community at large. Any abuse will of course result in immediate suspension, but we want to allow our bloggers the freedom of expression as much as possible.

Notice to Readers:

All comments, blogs and information are solely the opinion of the author/blogger who posts the article, and should not be considered the opinion of the operators of this site, or that they condone or support them in any way. This is an open forum for frank and honest discussions regarding the observations, experiences, and opinions of those who are engaged in the ‘battle’ against Spam or UBE (Unwanted Bulk Email) or other behaviors deemed abusive by those involved. However, please notify us of any post which contains information which can be deemed to contravene any state or nations laws.