Tis the Season for Parking Tickets

It looks like Canadians need to watch out for fake parking ticket spam this Christmas season.  We have gotten reports that once again, (see http://spamauditor.org/2017/05/parkingspeeding-…geting-canadians/) spam originating from a large Russian Hosting company is targeting Canadians.

For one, just look at these ‘domains’:   1 cafederalcourt.loan 1 federalcourt.win 1 federalcourt.gdn 2 cafederalcourt.download 1 cafederalcourt.gdn 1 canadafederalcourt.loan   1 cafederal.download 1 canadafederalcourt.gdn 1 canadacourt.download 1 canadacourt.bid 1 canadacourt.loan 1 canadacourt.gdn 1 cacourt.bid 1 cacourt.loan 1 cacourt.win 1 cacourt.gdn 1 cafederal.loan 1 cafederal.win 1 courtcafederal.bid 1 courtcafederal.gdn 1 courtcafederal.win

These domains were registered not more than a week or two ago from today. We dug deeper and sure enough, these IPs are sending (to Canadian inboxes) emails of the fake parking ticket variety and possibly others.

Here is a quick example:

From: "CA Parking Control" <info@cafederalcourt.loan>
Subject: Notice of Fine and Due Date Parking tickets

Pаrking tiсket notifiсation

In our reсords indicate thаt a parking tiсkets issuеd to thе vеhicle dеscribed belоw has not bееn paid. This рenaltiеs and aрplicаblе рenalty chаrgеs аrea past due аnd must bе pаid within thе nеxt 10 businеss dаys. Driving Rесоrds shоw thаt yоu are/were the rеgistеred owner аt the time this vеhiсlе was сited. Therеfоre yоu are rightfully responsible fоr respоnding to this nоticе.
Tickеt Numbеr: 476378678CA
Viоlation: Pаrk faсing wrong direсtiоn - rаisеd сurb
Paymеnt recеivеd: 0 $
Fine: 76 $

Viеw photоs tаkеn by the bylaw оfficer whо issued your tiсket hеre.


Our Canadian friends, please be extra vigilant this Christmas and keep your eyes open for suspicious domains in parking ticket emails.  Remember, we suggest that you spread the word, especially to the older and more vulnerable users of the Internet, NOT to believe these tickets and NOT to click on any links contained in the messages.

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