Trends in Networks: Spam #4

Another week of Digital Ocean abuse using Freenom domains… I don’t want to assume they are all bad, but I have yet to see a ‘legit’ domain.

Aug28	x1	x1	x1	x4	x1	x4	x3

Aug29	x1	x1	x4	x10	x12	x2

Aug30	x2

Aug31	x3	x10	x3	x1	x1	x2

Sep1	x1	x2	x1	x2	x2

Sep2	x1	x2

Sep3	x2	x6	x7

Sep4	x4	x3	x5	x1	x6	x62	x11	x1	x3	x1	x5	x2	x4	x3	x1	x2

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