Trends in Networks: Spam #15

Back at it again with some more throwaway domains from our old friends. Amazing how we can always count on spammers to persist like cockroaches. Still no sign of this spam activity stopping since we’ve last reported in December, and here’s the past week’s activity just to stick with relevant data.

Jan28	x6	x3	x1	x1	x4	x1	x1	x19	x1	x2	x2

Jan29	x1	x3	x3	x3	x1	x1	x1	x3	x1	x1	x6

Jan30	x3	x1	x1

Jan31	x1	x1	x1	x1

Feb1	x2	x4	x58	x103	x84	x40	x1	x1	x104	x88	x55	x38	x42	x1

Feb2	x1	x1	x2	x2	x8	x3	x1	x8	x3	x23

Feb3	x3	x1	x2	x1	x1	x64	x1	x1	x5	x2	x6

Feb4	x2	x1	x4	x3	x1	x1	x2	x1	x14

Interestingly though, the enormous spam campaign coming from domains a couple of years old (as if they were expired and purchased), stopped in its tracks by mid January 2021. We no longer see reports of such IPs. Below is the last two days of it that we saw, then sudden silence. Did Digital Ocean actually get rid of these guys (but not the above..), or have these Spammers moved on somewhere else?

Jan14	x16	x24	x7	x19	x13	x5	x9	x6	x7	x5	x9	x19	x19	x25	x3	x7	x14	x7	x3	x19	x14	x12	x9	x9	x7	x8	x11	x4	x22	x22	x17	x3	x6	x5	x6	x6	x7	x12	x3	x19	x27	x20	x7	x16	x21	x22	x17	x18	x17	x23	x16	x21	x27	x21	x17	x17	x20	x14	x16	x3	x5	x9	x6	x7	x16	x21	x16	x17	x16	x15	x24	x22	x21	x19	x19	x16	x22	x19	x23	x19	x2	x21	x24	x16	x17	x18	x13	x18	x19	x26	x18	x5	x19	x6	x18	x18	x15	x22	x24	x18	x5	x3	x4	x11	x3	x1	x4	x5	x17	x19	x3	x4	x20	x5	x16	x8	x4	x8	x6	x4	x18	x29	x19	x22	x25	x2	x16	x17	x17	x25	x18	x3	x5	x16	x6	x8	x2	x7	x9	x12	x6	x9	x5	x9	x7	x11	x18	x16	x15	x16	x25	x17	x23	x20	x1	x7	x19	x21	x21	x5

Jan15	x25	x8	x27	x5	x8	x8	x4	x4	x4	x3	x6	x7	x5	x12	x4	x12	x5	x4	x41	x22	x24	x22	x33	x5	x29	x22	x27	x31	x31	x29	x4	x8	x9	x4	x3	x11	x3	x29	x29	x7	x4	x9	x4	x8	x7	x6	x23	x26	x26	x27	x4	x10	x30	x17	x2	x16	x24	x17	x24	x7	x5	x7	x26	x14	x8	x5	x5	x3	x4	x6	x5	x7	x6	x9	x6	x24	x6	x7	x27	x2	x6	x5	x5	x22	x29	x22	x33	x6	x21	x30	x1	x4	x6	x4	x4	x5	x24	x2	x2	x3	x6	x35	x31	x18	x4	x27	x33	x30	x4	x16	x23	x24	x24	x32	x20	x28	x3	x20	x22	x18	x2	x3	x3	x2	x2	x9	x8	x4	x8	x6	x8	x20	x2	x22	x12	x14	x16	x7	x23	x23	x29	x20	x25	x5	x9	x9	x20

I think to spice things up a little for 2021, I’ll broaden the net of suspicious domains spamming. Let’s not just let one company get all of the (dis)glory, we’ll see who else allows such a simple pattern of activity to consistently be abused on their networks.

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