Trends in Networks: Spam #17

Never ending freenom and xyz TLD spam continues on Digital Ocean. A big burst came in on Valentines day from these domains.

Feb12	x1	x7	x20

Feb13	x1	x2

Feb14	x20	x12	x27	x101	x80	x63	x82	x82	x88	x134	x112

Feb15	x9	x1	x10	x1	x2	x4	x3	x1

Feb16	x4	x13	x3	x11	x5	x8	x9	x6	x1	x8	x23	x6	x4	x3	x1	x4	x4	x4	x12

Feb17	x3	x1	x1	x1	x1	x1	x1	x6

Feb18	x1	x1	x5

Interesting emerging pattern coming from the HEFICED networks. Throwaway domains with a slot0 ptr/reverse dns pattern. We see it sending a lot of account phishing and fake invoice spam.	x1	x6	x6	x3	x9

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