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Large FIle Size Spammers

Normally, spammers tend to rely on very small spam messages because their goal is to get as many spam messages out as cheaply as possible. They also save on bandwidth costs this way. But with more and more hosting companies … Continue reading

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Happy New Year – ColoCrossing

To all of us in the spam protection and/or spam auditing game, want to wish everyone a happy 2017. Of course, I wish I had better news and that our jobs will be easier this year, but it looks like … Continue reading

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Is IPv4 Space REALLY in short supply? Spammer

Maybe it just is not being used for the right purposes.. Last night we looked at our logs and tracking and noticed a new prolific spammer. Those of us in the industry to realize that there has been a very … Continue reading

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Get your Amazon Gift Card? fightspam.ca

It’s Xmas time, so of course this is the time of year when people try to take advantage, have you ever got one of those surprise Amazon Gift Cards in the email? Well, here is an example of what hit … Continue reading

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